Warranty Period

KOMOTO Electric Scooters come with a 1 year warranty covering parts due to manufacturing defects. Warranty covers the original purchaser and is not transferable.  This covers main parts of the scooter's motor, controller, throttle and etc. It will not cover water damage as they are water proof but not designed to be submersible in water aka Deep puddles. Does not cover physical damage or scratches. Does not cover normal wear and tear of brake pads or tires. Does not cover loose screws and that is something that needs to be checked by customer with time of ownership. These items will need to be replaced over time with use of scooter. We normally work with people on these issues and will help you under warranty if it is reasonable. Out of warranty we offer support how to fix and to purchase parts from us. We have the right to refuse any water damage. We stand behind our products and the support we offer. Driving in deep puddles of more than 2 inches or very heavy rain will damage scooter over time and void warranty. All scooters work in the rain but its not recommend due to safety. When problem is isolated we will issue either new or with an equivalent refurbished replacement part within warranty period.

Battery Related Issues

Battery Related Problems:  Lithium-ion battery packs are like most items that are consumable. They will only last so long based on a certain number of charges. To prolong battery life we hand out quick reference cards to make sure you know all tips possible to extend the life of your battery. Defective batteries are very very rare and do not happen often. Most issues are motor controllers not the battery. If you believe your battery is defective and will not hold a charge we will require a video showing issue so we can replace. All batteries have serial numbers and are logged into the system for each purchase. Long term storage of more than 3 months you need to store at 50% to 60% battery power. Then needs to be checked every month after making sure power level does not drop below 40% ex. 2 bars. Leaving at full charge when storing long term over winter will damage the battery. All batteries have 6 month warranty from date of purchase. The original owner only is covered. Warranty is Nontransferable.