In House Repairs

In House Repairs

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the KOMOTO Electric Scooters blog!

This week we will be talking about KOMOTO Electric Scooters In-House repairs that they offer at their store in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

KOMOTO Electric Scooters has offered In-House repairs since 2021 and works on brands like Kaabo, GoTrax, Apollo, Segway, Turbo Ant, NUI, Yume, Varla, Dualtron, Vsett, and a vast number of other brands that they work on. Most customers can simply stop into the store and get a quote on what service or labor may cost on the repair for their electric scooter. From there, the customer can leave their scooter at KOMOTO’s repair shop and pick it up at a later date or they can drop it off and go to lunch and come back to pick it up depending on the nature of the repair and how long it will take.

Repair jobs range from wire repair, brake adjustments and replacements, tire or inner tube replacements and replacing or fixing faulty motor controllers.

Unfortunately, due to laws and regulations, KOMOTO Electric Scooters does not offer any repairs on batteries. If you need to recycle your battery, contact your local authorities to see what options are available in your community.

Thank you for reading our Blog and well see you next time with more from KOMOTO Electric Scooters.

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