What makes KOMOTO Electric Scooters different?

What makes KOMOTO Electric Scooters different?

KOMOTO Electric Scooters started in 2021 with the mission of changing the game, one scooter at a time. Today we are going to discuss the things that separate KOMOTO Electric Scooters from the competition.

In 2021 KOMOTO Electric Scooters started to offer In-House repair on all brands of electric scooters including brands like Segway, GoTrax, Apollo, NUI, Kaabo and Nami. Services include tire changes, electrical repair, upgrades and add ons, and Tune Ups to get your scooter ready for the riding season.

Since starting repairs KOMOTO Electric Scooters has partnered up with Fluid Free Ride and is the service repair center for Wisconsin. This means that if you bought a scooter from Fluid Free Ride, they could service, get parts, and fix your scooter for you at KOMOTOs service building.

KOMOTO Electric Scooters reassembles every part of each scooter In-House to ensure higher Quality Control on every scooter for the customer, this avoids a lot of issues that customers may have when receiving scooters that are mailed to them.

KOMOTO Electric Scooters is open 5 days a week 12-7 and provides a support ticket system in case the store is closed for the day. Response time is generally within 24 hours and the store has a physical person that you can talk to for support or general questions about the product.

The last thing we are going to talk about is the ability to live demo products at their store. KOMOTO Electric Scooters offers test rides on all of their models that they offer, this allows you to see, feel and be able to ride and get a better feeling for the product before you buy.  

Thank you for keeping it tuned in with KOMOTO Electric Scooters and well see you next time with our blog on In-House repairs.

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