The KOMOTO D2400

The KOMOTO D2400

Hello everyone!

Today we are going to talk about the KOMOTO D2400 Off-Road Electric Scooter and its features.

The KOMOTO D2400 is a premium off-road electric scooter that has 11” explosion proof tires, 2 dual 1200 W motors, and a 48V 18.2 Ah lithium-ion battery. It also has Nutt Performance hydraulic brakes, adjustable front, and dual rear suspension. The top speed is 32 mph, and it has a hill climb capability of 30-degree inclines and it folds up for easy portability and storage. The max weight limit for the KOMOTO D2400 is 300 lbs. The D2400 is also waterproof with its double seal design, so if you get caught in the rain, you don’t have to worry about ruining your scooter. The D2400 delivers a real-world range of 20-25 miles with dual motors and costs less than twenty-five cents to charge. The charge time for a fully depleted battery is about 8-9 hours.

Single or Dual motors, the choice is yours with the KOMOTO D2400 as it allows you to switch from single motor to dual motor mode. When riding in single motor mode it has the capability of reaching 26 mph and will allow you more range than when operating in dual motor mode. The dual motor mode delivers a top speed of 32 mph and has a fast take off as opposed to single motor mode, the real-world range that we discussed earlier means that you can be going 32 mph for up to 20-25 miles of range, if you aren’t driving that fast and only driving 15-20 mph, your range will increase.

One last feature that we will talk about is the 18.2 Ah removable battery pack, the removable battery allows you to swap out batteries if you have a spare battery. This allows you to be able to have extended range without having the worries of range anxiety.

Thank you for reading, and stay posted for more blogs from KOMOTO Electric Scooters!

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